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Writing Books for Children

Writing Books for Children

When considering writing books for children, it’s worth noting that there is a great deal of flexibility for the writer and it’s crucial that you find the age range that you feel most drawn to.

Picture books – Are usually the first books that children see. They come in a variety of storylines, are colourful, highly visual; often with an invitation to touch, and have a minimal word count. Both pictures and words work in unison to bring a story to life.

Traditional Literature – Are stories passed down over time and simply provide a tenable link between the past and the here and now. The content is often rewritten to bring it up to modern standards, but they often retain much of their original charm.

Fables – Are short stories with a moral.

Fairy Tales – Books with enchanting stories and magical beings. Good Vs evil plots, and always have a happy ending.

Folk Tales – Are stories which tap into nature and life but add a make-believe element. Myths (Gods), new civilisations, meaningful tales, natural phenomena, the link between the past while being told in the present.

Legends – Are stories which take the life of a real person from history and exaggerate the facts, making a sense of fame or notoriety to the individual.

Historical Fiction – Depicts a period in time and provides information about a time or event that took place. Characterisation can be imaginary or based on an actual person in history.

Realistic Fiction – Are books written about world situations and are often based on current events. The characters used are children and this enables the readers to embrace different cultures or experience a variety of settings and events that they would not normally encounter.

Non-Fiction – These books are designed to introduce the reader to more complex areas. They are often challenging and their subjects aim to help the reader learn something new. It can be quite difficult to write in this area as the right level of information should match the correct age group.

Biography – Are books based on a real person and informs the reader about this person’s life. Non-fictional biographies bring a story to life and it can be quite interesting to read about famous or important characters.

Young Adult Fiction – Is a popular niche. Although not strictly for the children’s market and often read by people much younger, the niche itself is quite varied: horror, romance, adventure, family sagas etc.

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