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Piecing Together Your First Novel

Updated: May 11, 2021

Piecing together your first novel

Plotting your first novel is a multi-step process. There are many different approaches and mindsets when it comes to plotting a novel. Whether you’re new to writing or you’ve already written novels before, the following step by step guide should be considered:

  • Generate ideas

  • Begin with a compelling premise

  • Include a central conflict

  • Choose a structure

  • Lay out a storyline

  • Build subplots

  • Cause and effect

  • Write a detailed outline

  • Tie up those loose ends

  • Remember character development

Plan and execute character and chapter profiles to maintain consistency throughout your writing. This will help the writer to maintain accuracy, while having a quick reference to refer to.

Your first chapter is a showcase for the content to come. so, imagine you have sent the first three chapters of your novel to your agent. Will those chapters persuade the agent to sign you up?

Agents have very little time to read your chapters, so your first page needs to be beautifully written, polished and have an attention-grabbing opening that will serve to save you from the rejection pile.

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