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A novel outline is a document that includes important information about your novel’s plot, structure, characters and scenes. An outline is a general description or plan showing the essential features of something but not all the detail. Moreover, it summarizes the main points or important bits of information.

This breakdown of the novel enables the writer to plan chapters into separate stories, and they can easily look at the beginning, middle and end of each part. A writer can separate chapters with summaries in place, giving the writer a basic structure, which helps them to keep the storyline strong and write with better conviction.

If you think your novel is going to be approximately 80,000 words, then divide your word count into the number of chapters you are aiming for. If you are going to have 10 chapters, the total word count will be around 8,000 words per chapter. So, it makes sense to outline chapters when planning to write a novel. Not only does it make for better story writing, but it can also aid the writer to stay true their story idea and avoid mistakes in later chapters.

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