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Ideas and Plot development part 1.

Ideas and plot development:

If like myself, you’ve been thinking about writing your first novel, then you have a pretty good idea as to your preferred storyline. But if we take ideas from around us, and breathe new life into them, then this can be a wonderful source of inspiration.

Ideas from real life allow us to create a sense of realism in our storyline. If we are writing fiction or fantasy, or even creating an adult fairy tale, there will, of course, be elements that are pure imagination, enabling the writer to conjure up worlds that will leave the reader awe-struck. Even in these genres there will be a sense of realism which allow the reader to connect with the book in some way.

If you are writing a book, you already have a basic idea in mind. But, do consider that your plot must be sufficient to last for 60,000 – 80,000 words, and must be compelling enough to last the duration of your novel.

Where do we get ideas from?

Ideas and stories are all around us. Everywhere we look and in everything we do. Open your mind and view all that happens around you with a sharpened writer’s instinct. Of course, the more mundane aspects of life can be eradicated from your story, but the basic ideas and elements are within easy reach.

Creating an ideas book is a really useful way to ignite the creative process and train your brain to respond to external stimuli. Your ideas will become stronger, as will your ability to weed out those that are not useful. And creating an ideas book will give you plenty of prompts to fall back on when creativity dries up.

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