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Generating the hook

Generating the hook

A hook is a literary technique in the opening of a story that hooks a reader’s attention and keeps the reader’s interest so that they will keep on reading. A hook is a catchy sentence or paragraph in the introduction of a story which serves as an attention-grabbing element – it should motivate people to read the entire text and keep the reader intrigued to the end.

Examples of great first sentences:

  • Reveal personal information

  • Ask the reader a question

  • Mirror the reader’s pain

  • Intrigue the reader

  • Shock the reader

Examples of first paragraphs:

  • Set the scene

  • Begin with a quotation

  • Ask the reader an intriguing question

  • Open with a fun fact

  • Start with a fascinating story

So, let’s recap. A hook must lure the reader towards the end of the chapter by creating some tension or suspense, or by throwing in a few handfuls of obstacles so that the reader becomes keen to see the outcome. Changing the pace and escalating tensions and conflicts should ensure that the reader is carried towards a climax which has been previously designed for maximum impact.

The best hook keeps the reader dangling on the edge of a precipice, desperate to know what happens next.

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