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Beginnings, Middles and Endings

Beginnings, middles and endings

Every story must have a beginning, middle and ending. The beginning, middle and ending are the three parts that make up a story. Each part plays an important role in the structure of your story.

Consider the following:

Beginnings – This is the first part of the story. It is here, where the writer captures the reader’s attention. This is accomplished through a detailed description of character and setting; glimpsing into the topic, theme, problem and tone of your story. Your opening chapter should serve to hook the reader and keep them interested.

Middles – The middle section of your story explains the topic. It shows us the story’s complications, conflicts, twists and turns, tension and subplots which ultimately lead to the climax. Middles are filled with escalating actions arising from intent and is packed full with scenes.

Endings – This is where your story comes to a close. Endings conclude all problems. The character usually learns a lesson or comes to terms with the events of what happened. They should reflect the beginning briefly, tying everything up and resolving all issues.

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